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Jason Tarnol


When Billy started the Bagel Broker back in the 80’s, his son Jason was a high school student at Grant High in Sherman Oaks. Needing a job for the summer, Jason started working at the shop alongside his dad at the age of 16. After graduation, Jason began his college career at UCLA, but quickly realized that rather than studying how to run a successful business in Los Angeles, he should work at the Bagel Broker full time!

Jason learned everything he knows today from his dad and best friend, Billy.  He continues the most important traditions of the bagel shop from its beginnings, of course, with EVERYTHING freshly prepared every day! In the 1990’s when coffee shops started popping up all over town Jason’s vision was critical in the survival of the Bagel Broker. He realized the morning stop for so many revolved around getting coffee and that a bagel stop was moved to a weekend luxury when time was afforded. In order to grow sales Jason got proactive and decided that if customers were going to stop for coffee and forgo an additional bagel stop, he would bring bagels to them. Before the days of the internet this meant going door to door, building to building dropping off bagel samples for businesses to try. This proved to be worth every box of samples Jason gave out and has made catering an essential part of The Bagel Brokers continued success.