The Bagel Broker is family owned and
operated since 1987.
Everything we serve is freshly prepared
on-site every day.
We are proud to serve our community!

Fun Facts:

  • Bagels can be hollowed out upon request!
  • Our most popular bagel is plain!
  • We make over 2500 bagels every day by 6:00am!
  • Owner Jason Tarnol has worked with his dad for nearly 30 years!  Bill Tarnol just turned 83 and loves seeing his customers who he has known since they were children and are now coming in with their own families!



What is a Bagel?

The Bagel originated (or so we've been told) approximately five hundred years ago in a small Jewish Ghetto of Warsaw, Poland. Toward the end of his day’s work, the baker would scavenge all the scraps of unused dough and form them into long thin ropes. He would twist two strands together and join them into a ring about six inches in diameter. These rings of twisted dough were then boiled and baked. He would spear the bagels on a long wooden stick and sell them for a few pennies on his long walk home. Today, our bagels are made with the finest hi-gluten unbleached wheat flour, a touch of sugar, a hint of salt, yeast and water. They are first boiled and then baked. Our bakers use the best equipment to make the finest bagels continously throughout each day right here in our shop. Thank you for visiting us today. We hope to see you again soon!

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